Not Right

She rolled over onto her stomach, the tall grass crunching under her thin belly.

“Amber!! Where are you??!” Someone yelled across the now overrun field. Who knew it grow that quickly overnight?

Amber sat upright, her long light brown hair tumbling over her shoulders. A dark vine raced through her hair, making her look like a young, female Tarzan. Standing she could barely see over the grasses, so she scampered up an oak tree. Curiously, the seven year old watched two irritated parents and one anxious brother scan the tall field.

“Where is the damned child? I told you Addison, this was a horrible idea!” That was the father.

“Honey, calm down. I’m sure she’s her somewhere. But you know what they said. We have to be more careful.” That was the mother. The adoption agency was sure to alert the parents, that Amber had a tendency to run off into forests, fields, or really anywhere.

Amber knew she shouldn’t leave. She knew it made any family she was with anxious, but she needed to run wild. Sometimes it was to visit Thomas, sometimes it was just to get away from the indoors. Either way, she still left, causing stress and annoyance in her wake.

Amber was adopted. Many times, actually. This was her fourth family. The first one gave up on her. The second and third she had run from. They just weren’t right. But she always ended up back where she came from, the Children’s Home of Boone, North Carolina.

Spencer was the first, and only, born of the Bennett family. They could not have any more children now, so they decided to adopt. Being fifteen, Spencer was very protective of his little sister, even if it wasn’t the coolest thing. Now he was very worried that Amber had left them.

Lu was proud of Spencer. Smart, strong, and handsome, (if you don’t mind her speaking of her son this way, but honestly he was gorgeous) Spencer was everybody’s dream. Amber was happy to be his sister, which is a lot to say for her personality.

Lu Bennett had always wanted a baby girl to play with, do her hair, paint nails, and all of the girly things Amber despised. Slightly disappointed by Amber’s ways, Lu tried to bond with her, but they just did not click. It was like trying to force two puzzle pieces that didn’t belong together.

A strong personality, Ralph Bennett was not pleased by Amber. He wanted his wife to be happy, and clearly Amber was not helping with that situation. As he waded through the weeds, he wondered if the child had really run off. That would be glorious. But, just his luck, Amber swung down from the oak, and run over to Spencer.

“Spencer!” She called, the grasses rippling as she skipped through the field. “Last night I climbed the tree and Thomas visited again!”

Amber had explained Thomas to Spencer many times. “He’s a ghost who comes with me everywhere! He was there when I ran away from my second family, and when I came to this one. He very nice, he likes spaghetti and he keeps me company at night. But sometimes he likes to wait in the fields for me, so I go out and find him.”

“So you leave to talk to your imaginary friend, Thomas?” Spencer asked, trying to right the situation.

“He’s not imaginary Spencer!” Amber had tried to reason. “And not always to see Thomas. I don’t know why I leave.”

As Amber made her was to Spencer, Ralph exploded in an angry fit.


“Ralph, honey, calm down,” Lu tried. But Amber had a sharp tongue she couldn’t quite control.

“What do you mean, what was I thinking?” Amber replied calmly, “I was thinking I want to get away from you for a little while. I don’t understand how they put up with your babyish fits.”

Ralph was about ready to strangle Amber, but he didn’t, as his wife told him to calm himself.

“Amber, do not talk to your father like that. Go to your room, now. And don’t run off again,” Lu scolded.

Quickly, Amber darted off to her room. Ralph was not her father, and Amber could talk to him however she pleased, she thought as she closed her door.

Amber didn’t do much in her room. There was a bed, and few dolls she never touched, and a window with baby pink curtains. She waited until she heard the rest of the family trudge inside and closed the back door to make her escape.

“Go talk some sense into your sister, Spencer. I do not want to see imbecile that for the next, hmm… ever!” She heard Ralph grumble.

She slid the window open, climbed out, and made her way back towards the lake. Her hands and feet were callused, as she rarely wore shoes, and climbed trees, rocks, and any other structure she could find.

She passed the field she was just in, not surprised to see the grass had receded to a normal height. If she was ever around for more than five minutes all the grass grew at an amazing speed. She figured it didn’t really matter, so she hadn’t told anyone.

Ducking under a few more trees, she smiled at the sight of the lake. She scanned the rocky shores, finding no one. Pebbles lined the lake, along with a few boulders. The water was as still as if was holding its breath.

Amber climbed onto a rock that had been tipped over, and intruded into the lakes waters. She shuffled all the way to the end, and tentatively touched the water. In the summer heat, the whole lake froze over.

Spencer knocked on the wooden bedroom door for the seventh time.

“Amber! Open up!” Spencer shouted. Then he listened. Not hearing anything, he went into the garage, grabbing a screwdriver to pick the lock.

After sliding open the door, and finding Amber was not there, he knew he could not tell his parents. Dad would probably kill someone, he guessed Amber. Slipping outside, he heard Amber trudging down the hill, weaving through trees. He followed her silently, wondering where she would go.

Soon they both emptied out at the lake. He ducked behind a tree as her eyes scanned the shores. She scampered up a rock with astonishing agility, and leaned down towards the lake.

Grasses popped out of ground. Spencer stumbled, shocked that the plants raced up the rocks, reaching for Amber’s toes. It explained why the field grew so speedily. Suddenly the lake froze over.

He gasped, and saw Amber’s hair was now jet black. Her eyes were ruby red instead of dark brown. She was stronger, taller, looking almost dangerous.

She opened her palm, and a spark danced across. Taking a deep breath, she dropped her hand, and the flame went out. She blew across the icy blanket over the lake, and it disappeared as quickly as it came.


Hey everybody! Here’s a short story I’ve been working on for a while. I have some ideas for a second part, so if you have any feedback or if you’d like to see the next part, make sure to leave a comment to let me know. 🙂 Thanks guys.



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