The chaos began when he showed up at my door, soaking wet, grimy, and covered in glitter.

Hold on. Let me explain a little bit more.

I’ve known James for my whole life. We grew up in Boise, Idaho and met when we were three. Now we’re 23 living in our own houses, with our own jobs, and still, our own friendship. James has a girlfriend, who I approve of. I still don’t have any type of significant other, unless you count Clover, who’s a five year old cockerspainiel. But she’s more of a child than a girlfriend.

James has shown up at the backdoor in the middle of snowstorms in shorts and a tshirt, climbed down our chimney one December, once he even showed up in stilts and a clown costume, then knocked on the second story bathroom window and scared the shit out of me.

So maybe this way of coming in might not have been the strangest yet, but still, unexpected. Actually, I’m surprised he didn’t ride in on an elephant playing the symbols.

Coughing a fit of sparkling pink clouds, he collapsed on the doorstep.

I dragged him inside and set him on the sofa, leaving a trail of glitter behind us.

James came from somewhere with something very dire to explain to Pepp. But before he can he disappears. She has no clue where he went or what he needs, but she must find him and figure out what happened. He disappears to area 51 or idaho because he broke an aliens laws and they must destroy him. He gets stuck in area 51 that is actually run by aliens to torment and confuse and study the human species. James is taken there and Pepp must get him out by convincing series of extra terrestrials that humans are okay and battling them. She saves James and everybody dies. The end.


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