You Are What You Eat

The story of how this saying came to being . . .

Once upon a time in the land of Mr. FoodHeadlandia, there was a potato named Mr. Potato Head.  He was with his family, and his friend Mr. Cherry Head, and his family. They were all going to have a lovely picnic together. Son Potato Head asked his father what he brought to eat for the Potato family.

“I have potato chips, mashed potatoes, and potato salad for lunch. The Cherry’s said they’d bring dessert,” Mr. Potato Head replied to his son.

The Potatoes and Cherries had a fun time playing their favorite games: Hot Potato, Bowl of Jello, Duck, Duck Goose (the Potatoes where very bad at this game and tended to land is the Mushin Pot a lot).

Everyone grew hungry so Mr. Cherry Head suggested they eat lunch. Mrs. Potato Head and Mrs. Cherry Head unpacked the lunch. After they prayed over the food everyone dug in. Mr. Potato Head noticed Son Cherry Head and Daughter Cherry Head didn’t seem to enjoy his food that much.

“Does it not taste good?” he asked.

“No,” Son Cherry Head replied, “it’s just that we don’t enjoy potatoes that much.”

“Oh, sorry, I just figured you’d like them it’s our family’s favorite.”

“We’re more of the cherry type,” Mrs. Cherry Head said, pulling out a Cherry Split (that’s cherry ice cream on a boat of cherries with cherry sauce, and a cherry on top).

Then Daughter Potato saw this and laughed. “I guess you are what you eat!”


Here is a short story I wrote a while back. It isn’t the best thing, but I thought it was funny. Enjoy!