18 Writing Prompts

As any writer would know, writing is hard. But figuring out what your going to write about is just as!

So, for all the lazy people (me included) I compiled a list of prompts, so if we ever can’t figure out what to write, just stop by here.

Some of these prompts I have used in the past, and some I may use in the future, so if you write anything using these prompts, be sure to tell me, as I love to check out what you wrote, plus see what you did differently than myself.

Enough chit-chat, here are the prompts you’ve been waiting for:

Dialog Prompts:

  1. “I’m mute!” She shouted in the chaos.
  2. “Okay, I’ve got the cake mix, did you grab the head phones?”
  3. “Kill the child. It’s the right thing to do.”
  4. “You’re such a human!” “Did you just call me a human?”
  5. “I know pi by heart. All of it. 3.14159265…”
  6. “But you just said that you couldn’t eat!”

Narritive Prompts:

  1. You experience you a close call, and your life flashes before your eyes- Except it’s not your life.
  2. I rolled my eyes. Of course I get stuck with someone who’s morals are as twisted as my mind.
  3. Yesterday, humanity discovered how to send packages back in time. Today, you receive a package from yourself.
  4. She added a charm onto her bracelet for every life she took.
  5. Your character finds “DO NOT DO THIS!!” list that his friend complied… But he finds it the same day as this friends funeral.
  6. Monsters fear humans will find the immortal race, but we have no clue they exist. Yet.

Suggesting Prompts:

  1. Write something that deeply involves a blow drier.
  2. One of your characters can only use lines from songs to communicate.
  3.  The story is written from passerby’s perspectives.
  4. The secondary character is the sidekick, whilst being the villain.
  5. Write a story from the end to the beginning.
  6. Pick two of your short stories, and write another one with these two combined.